The Quote element allows you to promote a short piece of key content, along with an optional author's name and image. It's a great way to break up knowledge and draw attention to key content.

The video below provides a brief overview and some examples of the Quote element:

Using the Quote element:

When a creator adds a new Quote element, they can choose from five different layouts for their quote.

  • Bordered. Centre aligns the quote and image, with top and bottom borders.

  • Colourful. Centre aligns the quote and image, with no borders and the author's name highlighted in brand colours.

  • Focused Left and Focused Right. Aligns the quote and image to either side of the screen.

  • Narrow. Centre aligns the quote and image with large margins, creating a longer, narrower quote.

After you add your quote, you can also optionally add an image and author's name.

  • Image. The image will be cropped to circular or square shapes depending on the layout.

Tips for using the Quote element:

  • If using an image, we recommend creating your image as a square size, focused tightly on the author and resized to 500px or less. You can use the built-in image editor to quickly make these adjustments.


Let's look at some examples of the Quote element in action!

  1. Bordered quote with image:

  2. Colourful layout:

  3. You can also use the quote layout to make important text stand out. Below, we use the focused left layout:

  4. Similarly, here we use the bordered layout to highlight important information, as an alternative to the insight element:

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