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Troubleshooting user login problems for LMS Link
Troubleshooting user login problems for LMS Link
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As a Tribal Habits Admin, user management is a key responsibility. While Tribal Habits has many automated functions to assist with user management, there are times when an Admin needs to respond to user questions and help them log in.

There are several different ways to log in to a Tribal Habits portal. This article is for users accessing your Tribal Habits content via an LMS and has steps for an Admin to troubleshoot login issues.

If you are having problems with a user logging in via another login method, please see this article which reviews all the different login options and has links to separate troubleshooting guides for each type of login.

Problem: User sees a 'Not permitted' error

If your user is seeing a 'Not permitted' error when trying to access content via an LMS Link, this typically occurs when another user is already logged into your Tribal Habits portal in that same browser. This means that another user is already accessing your Tribal Habits portal in that browser and now the user from the external LMS also wants to accessing content in that same portal in the same browser. Since two users cannot be logged into the same portal at the same time, the LMS Link user is prevented from accessing the content.

There are two ways this scenario can occur - testing as an admin or multiple external LMS Link users sharing a computer.

  1. First, you may be an admin or creator who is logged into your Tribal Habits portal to edit the module or create the LMS Link. Then you have also logged into your external LMS in the same browser and are trying to test the LMS Link from the external LMS.

    So now you are two users - first the admin/creator logged directly into your Tribal Habits portal and second the LMS test user.

    To fix this, please open your external LMS in a different browser and test from there. This will allow your admin/creator to be logged in one browser and your LMS test user to be accessing from a separate browser, without a conflict.

  2. Second, if the problem is with one of your external users, this error can arise if, say, user A accessed the LMS Link via the external LMS and then a second user accesses the same LMS Link via the same external LMS on the same computer in the same browser with the same computer login.

    In this case, it is possible that the first user still has an active session with your Tribal Habits portal via a session cookie. If they did not log out of their computer to allow the new user to log in, then a conflict can arise. This should not happen however. Each user should be logging out of that computer to allow the new user to log in. However, if this process is not being followed and users are sharing the same login on a computer and reusing the same browser, this conflict can occur.

    To fix this, each user needs to either login to the computer separately or clear cookies in the browser before accessing their LMS (to ensure the computer sees them as a new user).

Note: To identify users who have been created within your portal via a specific LMS Link, you can use the 'Created By' People filter on the People page. Enter the LMS Link into the field to return all related results. This filter is also available when looking at enrolments and certain reports in Analytics.

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