As an Admin you can view and manage people in your Tribal Habits portal, including creating new people, updating their details, managing their topic enrolments and controlling their access.

First, log in and switch to Admin view. Then select the People function at the top of the screen, which will default to the Users view. You can then review all the people in your Tribal Habits portal with summary details of each.

From this view, you can...

  • Create a new person using the 'New Person' quicklink on the top right

  • Upload or update people using the 'Upload People' quicklink on the top right

  • Filter and search all your people using the filters box on the right. This includes filtering by custom fields (if you have created them), as well as by type of user and for admins

  • Sort your people using any of the column headings

  • Download a CSV copy of this table for editing offline. Just click the CSV link at the bottom left of the table

  • Select one or more people using the checkboxes in the first column and then using the bulk action links above the table - Enrol people in knowledge (topics, articles or pathways), delete people or resend invitation emails

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