10 - Managers

In this step, you’ll communicate with your internal managers and assist them to get the most out of the platform.

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Well done! By now you should have communicated your new platform internally.

Now that you have communicated with your staff, it’s important to also consider how you will communicate manager specific features in the platform to your organisation’s leaders, as well as training them on how they can get the most out of the platform.

In this step, you’ll communicate with your internal managers. This is step 10 in the implementation process (it follows step 9 – Internal communications). After this step, you’ll do step 11 – Existing data migration.

How to complete this step?

To complete this step, follow the process below:

  1. Decide on your method of communication. Some common examples are:

    1. A simple email sent to your managers, explaining the benefits of the platform to them and manager specific features;

    2. A meeting or presentation;

    3. A combination of an email and a presentation;

  2. Prepare your method of communication. This could be drafting your email or preparing some simple PowerPoint slides.

  3. Send your email, or complete your manager presentation.

What are the best practices with this step?

  • Your manager training should include why you’ve made the decision to move to the platform, the benefits to your managers, and any manager specific features relevant to your organisation.

What are examples of this step in action?

Small organisation:

Our small organisation’s leaders have been involved in the Tribal Habits decision making process and are already familiar with the platform. As such, they decide to send a simple email to their managers with some information about the manager specific features available to them.

Medium organisation:

Our medium organisation chooses to run a training workshop with its managers. They cover key areas such as:

Large organisation:

Our large organisation chooses to send an initial email to its managers introducing them to the change in learning platforms, as well as the purpose and benefit of the change.

They also schedule several training sessions for their managers, where they discuss the benefit and features in more detail.

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