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How do I view my learners as a manager or leader?
How do I view my learners as a manager or leader?

Team Leaders (managers) can view the profiles of their team members to review their training progress and outcomes.

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If you are a manager of other learners in Tribal Habits AND you are also a user in Tribal Habits itself, you will be designated a Team Leader and you will see a Team link on your dashboard after logging into Tribal Habits.

Note: If you cannot see this link, please contact your administrators to check how your team management has been assigned.

If you click on your Team link, you will be taken to your Members tab by default. You can use the 'Members' option to access other tabs with information and actions you can take as a Team Leader. These tabs are:

  • Members

  • Summary

  • History

What's in the Members tab?

The Members area lists your team members. You can click on any team member's name to view their detailed profile.

If any of your members have teams of their own, you will also see links to view their teams (including the enrolments and overdue status of the members of those teams).

You can also select any team member and use the Enrol link at the top of the table to assign new training to your team. Please contact your organisation's administrators if you cannot see training which you would like to enrol your team members in.

You can also subscribe to the manager report emails on this tab.

What's in the Summary tab?

The table in the Summary area shows you a summary of your team's enrolments and training status.

What's in the History tab?

In this area, you can quickly review all training assigned to members of your team. You can review due dates, training status and - importantly - select any overdue module and send an email reminder to that team member. You can search and filter your team's enrolments, as well as download a spreadsheet of results.

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