Admins can save time when managing large volumes of external training by preparing and uploading a spreadsheet of records.

First, navigate to Admin and the Knowledge area, then the External menu. This page shows a list of all your existing external knowledge. It also has an Upload External Knowledge quicklink on the top right.

Clicking that quicklink starts the uploading process, which consists of four steps. At a high level, your spreadsheet will have:

  • Rows - One external knowledge item for one learner per row. So if you have 10 learners who have all completed the same external Qualification, then you will need 10 rows, one for each learner. Learners are identified by their Tribal Habits user name and we recommend making that the first column in your upload.

  • Columns - Each column contains one field of information for the upload - user name of the learner, type of external knowledge, title of the knowledge, conquered date and so on.

  • Title row - The first row in your spreadsheet should list the titles of each column.

Please note that this upload process can only be used to create new external knowledge records - it will not update or replace existing records.

Also, this upload process does not support bulk upload of individual files - such as scans of certificates - this is not technically possible via a bulk upload. You can edit individual records after upload to add such files.

Step 1 - Prepare your spreadsheet

Your spreadsheet must be saved in a CSV format. You can download a template CSV from step 1 which provides all the possible columns of fields for your upload.

For the upload to successfully complete, it is important that the data in your fields conform to specific requirements as follows. Failing to provide data in these forms will be the cause of most failed uploads.

User name - Required. This is the Tribal Habits user name of the learner. The learner must exist in Tribal Habits. You cannot create new learners with this upload and attempting to do so will trigger an error.

  • User name - Required. This is the user name of the user in your portal for which the knowledge should be recorded. The user must already exist in your portal and this must be an exact match with their user name.

  • Type - Required. This is the type of external knowledge and must be exactly one of these words: Training, Certificate, License, Qualification, Document.

  • Title - Required. This is the title of the external knowledge. The name of the workshop or qualification attained.

  • Conquered - Required. This is the date the external knowledge was attained. It should be in the format of dd/mm/yy or dd/mm/yyyy.

  • Expires - Optional. This is the date of expiry of the external knowledge. It must also be one of the same date formats as conquered.

  • Code - Optional. This is any code (numbers or letters) associated with this knowledge.

  • Type - Optional. This is the type of document (only used in Documents).

  • Class - Optional. This is the class of any type of license (only used in Licenses).

  • Provider - Required. This is the provider of the knowledge (training provider, institute).

  • Certificate Number - Optional. This is any certificate number (number or letters) associated with this knowledge.

  • Country obtained - Optional. This is the country from which the knowledge was obtained. For consistency, you must use one of the country codes (see below).

  • Region obtained - Optional. This is the region in the country for which the knowledge was obtained. Once again, you must use one of the region codes (see below).

  • Qualification level - Optional. This is the level of qualification obtained for the Qualification type. It must be one of: Certificate I, Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Graduate and Vocational Graduate Certificate, Graduate and Vocational Graduate Diploma, Bachelor Honours Degree, Masters Degree, Doctoral Degree.

  • Assessment Score - Optional. This must be a number.

  • Total time - Optional. This must be a number and is measured in minutes.

  • Skill 1-3 Attained - Optional. This can be used to assign a skill to this knowledge. The skill must be an existing skill within your Tribal Habits portal. You can assign up to three skills for each item of knowledge.

  • Category 1-3 + points/minutes - Optional. These are three columns for each of three categories (e.g. Category 1, Category 1 points, Category 1 time). The Category X column assigns this knowledge to a category (usually for continuing education purposes) - the category must exist in your Tribal Habits portal. Category X points records how many continuing education points were acquired by this item and must be a number. The Category X time records how much time is assigned from this item as continuing education - it is a per cent and will be based off the Total time field.

Step 2 - Upload your spreadsheet

Select and upload your spreadsheet - remember it must be in CSV format.

Step 3 - Map columns

Now map the columns in your spreadsheet to the relevant fields in Tribal Habits. We will auto-match columns that have a title that matches fields in Tribal Habits. Otherwise, please select the correct Tribal Habits field from the dropdown for each column.

Step 4 - Complete the checklist and upload

Prior to uploading, you will need to see the checklist in step four completed. It will complete as you match each column in step 3 - so if an item has not checked, please review step 3 and check all columns are mapped (or marked to ignore).

You can then commence the upload.

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