If you have developed H5P interactions and wish to use them in your Tribal Habits topics or articles, you can do so via the Embed element.

  • TIP: Before developing H5P content, be sure to check out all the various interactions within the Tribal Habits building blocks - you may find we already have the interaction you were considering building!

Embedding H5P content is easy.

First, find the embed link for your H5P interaction. For instance, let's say we have the below H5P interactive video. You want to find the <Embed> button on your H5P content (shown via the red arrow in this example).

  • TIP: If you cannot see the <Embed> button on your H5P content, you might need to check you have made your H5P interaction 'public'.

Second, click on the <Embed> link to obtain the embed code. All we want from the embed code is the URL. You can find the URL within the iframe embed code. We want the entire URL within the " " of that code. So in the example here, its the URL that starts with "https://tribalhabits.h5p.com/conten..."

Third, then insert an Embed building block into your topic or article. Paste your H5P URL into the embed element.

Fourth, save the Embed building block, and your H5P content will appear!

Finally, since we cannot track the amount of time it takes someone to complete your interactive H5P content, we recommend enabling some extra time in the section which contains your H5P element. Go to the Section building block and enabled the option to add minutes - and then add the number of minutes you feel someone would need to complete the H5P interaction.

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