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How do I copy a topic or article?

Admins can copy or duplicate existing topics or articles in their portal.

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Admins can copy or duplicate existing topics or articles.

  1. Navigate to Admin β†’ Knowledge β†’ Topics (or Articles).

  2. Identify the relevant topic or article in the list and click it to open more details.

  3. Click the 'I want to...' button in the top-right of the page and select 'Copy Topic' or 'Copy Article' from the drop-down list.

  4. Click OK to confirm the action, when prompted.
    The copy of the topic or article is then created using the original name suffixed with the word 'COPY'.

Copied topics or articles are identical copies which include all self-enrolment and notification settings. After copying a topic or article, please update these settings as required.

That being said, explorer contributions to a topic or article are not copied. So the new topic or article will be 'clean' of any explorer answers, responses or insights. Only content from creators is copied.

  • Note: You can only copy your own topics or articles. You cannot copy topics imported from the Development or Compliance libraries.

  • Note: When you copy a topic or article, the copy is 'unpublished' (no version). This can be a handy way to 'reset' the versioning of a topic or article.

Copying templates

This process can be used to set-up templates. Create a template topic or article and then make copies of it for future topics or articles which follow the same pattern.

You can then maintain updates to your template topic or article and make a copy of it for each new topic or article based on that template. Optionally, set the visibility of your template topic or article to draft to hide it from your standard Admin views.

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