There are two ways to start creating training in Tribal Habits.

  • Admins can set up a new topic or article in the Admin area. You can learn more about the Admin process for new topics and articles here.

  • Staff (users with their Type set as 'Staff') can set up new topics or articles of their own, if 'Staff can create topics' and 'Staff can create articles' are enabled by Admins for that organisation OR that person has been given the 'Creator' role in their profile. You can learn more about the Staff process for new topics and articles here.

Let's now examine how Staff can set up a new topic or article from their Dashboard.

  • Remember, your Tribal Habits portal must have enabled 'Staff can create new topics' and/or 'Staff can create new articles' OR an individual user must have the Creator role enabled in their profile, for this option to be visible.

1 - Click 'Create' from your explorer dashboard

When you log in to Tribal Habits as a staff member, you will see your explorer dashboard with your topics.

At the top of that list, you will see a 'Create' button (NB: you will only see that button if staff are allowed to create topics and/or articles or your profile has the Creator role enabled - contact your platform administrator if you cannot see that button).

2 - Confirm what type of training you want to create

When you start creating training you will meet Sage, our digital training coach, who will help you create your topic. She will first ask you to create an overview of your training consisting of a title and information about the training content, why it is important and who it is suitable for.

Your first choice will be to select between a topic or article for your training.

  • Articles are for simple or short training. Articles can only cover one point (page) of information and cannot have interactions like assessments or activities. Articles are quick to create and quick to complete - policy acceptance, video reviews, product knowledge and so on.

  • Topics are for more complex or longer training. Topics can utilise every possible option for creating training and sharing knowledge.

Note that all organisations have the option to create Articles, while creating Topics requires that your organisation has a Creator subscription.

Once you have created the overview, you can then confirm you want to proceed to create the content itself (or cancel at that point).

Step 3 - Start creating your training

If you proceed with a new topic, you will then meet Sage again in the topic creation process. She will guide you through the process from that point.

How can staff delete training they have created?

If you later decide that you don't want to create training or don't need a training module you started, you are able to delete your own topics and articles.

From your initial explorer dashboard, click on your topic or article. The Overview will slide out from the right side of the screen and you will see the usual options to Edit or Preview. For topics and articles you have created, you will also see an option to delete your topic or article.

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