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Can we ‘download’ a topic or article once we create it?
Can we ‘download’ a topic or article once we create it?

You can't download a topic or article as a stand-alone piece of content, but you can download a PDF of your content.

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Tribal Habits is an integrated application. It isn’t an eLearning authoring tool designed to create stand-alone eLearning packages. It creates and utilises content within the application itself. So it’s not possible to ‘download’ a Tribal Habits topic or article as a stand-alone interaction as the content exists within the framework of the application.

There are options, however, to share Tribal Habits content outside the platform.

First, you can, create a PDF of your topic or article content to download and review externally.

Second, you can also download all explorer data and contributions for every topic and article into a spreadsheet, ensuring you have all learning data.

Third, you can utilise our SCORM links to share your Tribal Habits content with a third-party learning management system via a SCORM 1.2 file.

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