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How do I run an Analytics report for a specific Topic or Article?
How do I run an Analytics report for a specific Topic or Article?

Every Topic and Article has their own Analytics tab, which is helpful for a reporting summary on various Analytic data activity.

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If you want to easily review analytic data associated with a specific Topic or Article, you can do so by navigating to Account -> Admin -> Knowledge. From here, once you have selected either 'Topics' or 'Articles' from the sub tabs and located the specific knowledge you would like to view, click on it's name to open the Topic or Article.

Select the Analytics tab (as above), you will then have a reporting view that provides a summary snapshot.

By default you will see a snapshot based on the Current Status, All Dates and All People, however you are able to filter the data with the below filters:

  • Status: Current, All and Lapsed

  • Dates: All Dates or filter by last 6 months, 12 months or specific dates

  • People: All People or use the filter to search standard default fields and your custom field data for specific people

You can also use the bookmark icon to save your search and the Star icon to apply any previously saved searches to filter.

Report downloads

You can download your report as a CSV file using the download button.

When you download reports, CSV files are generated in the background. Once ready, they can be accessed (and downloaded to your computer) from the Downloads area of Analytics.

Your downloaded Topic Analytics report will be available to you for 30 days following their download, and are not visible to other users.

For auditing purposes, all downloads are recorded in the Timelines report.

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