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How can I give non-admin users access to the Tribal Habits library?
How can I give non-admin users access to the Tribal Habits library?

While you can't give standard users visibility of the library, you can choose modules from the library to make available for self-enrolment.

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We understand some customers would like to allow their learners to peruse the complete Tribal Habits library and select the content that's of interest to them, however, our library hasn't been designed for that, and there's a few reasons why...

  • The library consists of a few hundred (and growing!) modules.
    We recommend being selective in choosing content for your audience and only making content that's relevant available to them.

  • The Tribal Habits library covers a variety of subjects and, in many cases, content is specific to regions (for example, Australia, New Zealand, and global).
    We recommend ensuring the content available to your audience is relevant in terms of both subject matter and location.

In summary, with too much to choose from, learners may find themselves overwhelmed with choice and are less likely to enrol in training.

What can I do instead?

Instead of giving full access to the Tribal Habits library, you can choose modules and make them available for your learners to self-enrol in via the Catalogue on their learner dashboard.

To do this, you need to (1) copy or import the chosen library modules into your portal, then (2) create catalogue rules to make the training available to your learners for self-enrolment.

These two steps are outlined in detail below.

Step 1 - copy or import modules from the library

  1. Navigate to the Library in your portal (at Admin β†’ Knowledge β†’ Library) and identify the modules (topics and articles) you want to make available. Note: We recommend using the various filters and search functionality available on the page.

  2. Decide if you want to copy or import your selected library modules. Note: Copying modules allows you to edit those modules (but lose the link to their original source). Importing modules allows you to retain the link to their original source and easily update them if updates are available (you cannot edit imported modules).

  3. Copy or import your selected modules into your portal. Note: You will need to do this for each module you want to make available in your portal.

  4. Optionally, change the visibility status of your newly copied or imported library modules from 'draft' to 'active'. Note: The visibility status does not impact whether a module can be made available for self-enrolment or not.

Note: To obtain a PDF list of all available modules in the Tribal Habits library, contact our support team. This resource can be shared with others from your organisation who may not be admins within your portal, but could assist in selecting the topics and articles you want to use from the library.

Step 2 - create catalogue rules

  1. Navigate to the People page in your portal (at Admin β†’ People) and click the 'Save Rule' button. Note: If you want to make your chosen library topics and articles available to some but not all users in your portal, create a filter before saving your catalogue rule.

  2. Select the topics and articles you want to make available for self-enrolment in your users' catalogues and click 'Save'.

Your chosen modules are now available for self-enrolment via the Catalogue tab of the learner dashboard.

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