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How can I update the title and overview text of my topic or article?
How can I update the title and overview text of my topic or article?

To update the title or overview text of a course, access the topic or article as a creator and go to 'Settings'.

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As a course creator, you can change the title and overview text of your topics and articles by accessing the content in edit mode.

To do this, navigate to the relevant content via the Knowledge tab or from the Create tab of your explorer dashboard and select the Settings menu on the top-left of the creator screen.

In the Settings menu, select Update overview. From here, you can:

  • Update the title by clicking the current title text and making your change, as required.

  • Update the overview text using the relevant text boxes further down the page.

You can also add or change your overview image and optionally include a disclaimer (or guidelines) for the course as well as notes to be displayed on the completion certificate.

Learn more about creating an effective Overview here.

IMPORTANT! If your topic or article is already published, you'll need to publish an update for the new title and overview text to be visible in the published version.

NOTE: You cannot edit the title or overview of imported library topics.

Can't click on your Topic or Article title?

If a topic or article's title is not hyperlinked on the Knowledge page, it most likely indicates that there's a carriage return at the end of the topic or article's title.

A 'carriage return' is when there's an extra space at the end, i.e. someone has typed in the title and then pressed enter which has added in a second line in the title.

To resolve the issue, you'll need to remove the carriage return from the title.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on another topic or article in the list to open it's Overview page (we recommend opening in a new tab).

  2. In the URL of the topic or article you have opened, replace the ID with the ID of the topic or article that cannot be clicked. For example: ''.

  3. Update the title to ensure there is no extra line in it (your cursor should be at the end of the text and not on a new line).

  4. Navigate back to the Topics or Articles tab in Knowledge and check your title is now a link.

Note: If your topic or article has already been published, you will need to republish it for the name change to take effect.

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