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How can I create an effective Overview for my topic or article?
How can I create an effective Overview for my topic or article?

The Overview section of your topic or article provides learners with details of what they can expect from the training they're enrolled in.

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The Overview of your topic or article serves as an introduction to your topic or article for learners. It should provide details such as the background, purpose, and scope of the training, along with who the training is intended for and any other information which may be important to your audience. For instance, you may describe training methods used, activities, and expected outcomes along with details of any assessment that may be involved, as well as a disclaimer to outline any limitations to the training.

By default, the Overview provides learners with an estimation of how long the topic or article will take to complete (click here for more information about how this estimation is calculated).

Learners with an assigned due date will also see this information when viewing the Overview page.

Creating an Overview page

To create or update the Overview page of your topic or article, ensure you're on the 'Update Overview' tab, under 'Settings' in edit mode for the applicable topic or article.

When creating your Overview page, you'll be presented with the following mandatory question:

  • What is the title of this topic/article?
    Enter a title with no more than 70 characters. Ensure there are no carriage returns in the title. We recommend using titles that clearly reflect the intended purpose or outcome of the training.

  • What is this topic/article about?

    Clearly detail what your topic or article is about (using up to 750 characters) and what learners can expect to gain from completing it. If the course is expected to take a while to be completed, you may want to highlight that and advise learners to complete it over several days or weeks.

You'll also have the option to provide additional information as follows:

  • Why is this topic/article important?
    Provide further context about why the topic or article is important (using up to 750 characters).

  • Who is this topic/article intended for?
    Detail who the topic or article has been created for and why. If other similar topics or articles exist, but for a different audience, you may want to refer to those here too.

  • What guidelines (disclaimer) applies to this topic/article?
    Optionally include a disclaimer to outline any limitations, generalisations or other aspect of your topic or article which may be important for your audience to be aware of.

  • What notes should display on the completion certificate?
    Optionally provide additional information to be included on completion certificates. Please note, to issue a certificate to learners upon their completion of the topic or article, you must enable a completion certificate for the topic or article. The information you include here does not appear on the Overview.

Using an image on your Overview page

You can optionally include an image on the Overview of a topic or article which may also be displayed on the learner dashboard and associated certificate, if enabled (click here for more information about enabling completion certificates).

When including an image, we recommend using an image with a ratio of 1000 X 450 pixels or using the Image Editor to crop the image to the 'Overview' aspect ratio.

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