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5 - User set up

In this step, you’ll set up your users.

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This is also a larger step in the process. In this step, you’ll set up your users.

This is step 5 in the implementation process (it follows Step 4 – Fields and Categories). After this step, you’ll be ready for Step 6 – Curriculum Planning.

Note that you can skip this step if you are creating training to sell to customers at a later date – you wont have any learners to upload right now. Instead, return to this step when you have your first group of learners ready to enrol.

How to complete this step?

To complete this step, follow the actions below:

  1. (Optional) Prepare your CSV of learners. If you’re uploading learners in bulk, download the CSV template from the platform and prepare your CSV of learners. Click here to learn more about uploading people in bulk.

  2. Create your users. You can upload your people via CSV or one by one.

  3. Determine creator access. You should also decide upon creator access at this point. You can enable creator access to specific staff via their permissions panel on their profile as detailed here.

What are the best practices with this step?

  • When uploading data into the platform via spreadsheet or CSV, your data needs to be 'correct' for the upload to process. Computers are very strict with CSV files, so even a tiny error can create a problem. You can review some common CSV problems here.

  • If you have chosen to allow all staff to create training (within Account > Access) then you do not need to turn on Creator access for individual users, as all of your staff will have this access.

  • Most likely, you would choose to wait to send invitation emails to your staff until you are ready to launch the platform. This may include sending internal comms and setting up training prior to the invitation email. We’ll take you through each of these things in the following steps.

What are examples of this step in action?

Small organisation:

Our small organisation downloads the CSV template, fills in the relevant fields, and uploads the CSV to upload their users. Their admins are also their only creators of knowledge, they do not enable creator access for all staff but instead just enable creator access for the admins in the portal.

On average, the organisation has around one new starter join each month, so they choose to use the New Person function to upload their new starters manually each month.

Medium organisation:

Our medium organisation uploads their users via the bulk Upload People function. They have two staff members who are not admins but have been designated as creators of topics and articles. After uploading their users, they turn on creator access within the profile of the two users.

Large organisation:

Our large organisation uploads their users via the bulk Upload People function. They have 6 non-admin staff who require Creator access, which they give those users once their user upload is complete.

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