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How can I get my training certificate?

Once you have completed training in Tribal Habits, a completion certificate may be available to you.

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Training completed in the Tribal Habits platform can have an optional training certificate available for you to download. Not all modules have certificates - your platform administrators must enable a certificate of completion.

Training certificates are unique. Each certificate as a unique code which applies just for you and for that one training module or pathway. You can access your training certificate after you complete a module - and if a certificate of completion is enabled. There are several ways to access your certificate. These are:

From your completion email

If your admin/s have enabled certificates and completion email notifications to be sent upon completing a Topic/Pathway, you will be able to access your Certificate as a PDF attachment on the email.

From your dashboard

The easiest way to obtain a training certificate is on your dashboard, from the 'Completed' tab. All completed training - from topics and articles, through to longer pathways - will show any available training certificates with a green 'Certificate' link on the dashboard.

In the example below, Kathleen has completed two topics.

  • The 'Alcohol and drugs in the workplace' topic is complete and has the green tick of completion. That topic does not offer a training certificate however - in this case, you must complete the entire pathway to receive a certificate.

  • The 'Creating a professional LinkedIn profile' topic is also completed and it does have a training certificate available.

From your profile

You can also access certificates from your profile. To access your profile, click the Profile link on your learner dashboard.

There are four headings at the top of your profile: Summary, History, Roles and Categories.

Click the 'History' heading to review a list of training you're enrolled in or have completed. All completed knowledge or pathways with available certificates will show a 'Certificate' link. Click the link to open and download your certificate.

In the example below, Lou has completed three topics, each of which have available certificates.

From the main navigation with in a topic (topics only)

Finally, for topics only (not pathways), you will also see a certificate button on the Overview panel within the main navigation page of that topic (if a certificate is enabled for that topic).

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