As a Tribal Habits user, you can access and review your profile via your learner dashboard by clicking the Profile link.

From your profile screen, you can review certain information on the following tabs:

  • Summary - your profile details. To make changes, contact your training administrator.

  • History - a list of all training you're enrolled in and have completed, including access to certificates (when applicable) and details of your progress.

  • Roles - details of any roles that have been assigned to you (if this feature is in use for your organisation) and how you're tracking towards achieving the applicable competencies and skills.

  • Categories - your progress towards any continued education (CPD, CLE) required by your organisation. On this tab, you can view the category and time/points allocation for your training.

You can also record any external knowledge (training completed outside of Tribal Habits) by clicking the 'Record external' button and change your password by clicking the 'Change password' button.

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