Tribal Habits has two different types of knowledge/content - topics and articles. While they share some similarities, they are also quite different.

Articles are for simple or short knowledge.

  • Articles are single pages of content. There are no internal navigation options.

  • Articles cannot use system modules like Overview, Review or Destination.

  • Articles cannot have separate assessments or activities.

  • Articles are faster to create, with no initial planning process.

  • When creating articles, you do not have access to Sage and her feedback.

Topics are for more substantial knowledge.

  • Topics can have many pages of content with an internal navigation structure.

  • Topics can use system modules such as Overview, Review and Destination.

  • Topics can have separate assessments and activities.

  • Topics can use the topic outlining process before you start creating content.

  • When creating topics, you can use Sage and all her feedback and advice.

All organisations have the ability to create Articles. They are perfect for product knowledge, internal policies or simple processes. However, creating topics requires that your organisation has a Creator package in its subscription.

Finally, there can be some content differences between Articles and Topics.

  • Access to all content creation options requires a Creator package in your organisation's subscription.

  • If your organisation does not have a Creator package, then articles will be limited to using Text, Columns, Image, File, Embed, Poll and Quiz. More complex content options and some media content options require the Creator package.

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