There are two ways to start creating topics or articles in Tribal Habits.

Note: Creating topics requires a Creator subscription. All organisations can create articles regardless of their subscription.

How can Admins manage 'Staff can create topics' and 'Staff can create articles'?

By default, Tribal Habits portals allow staff to see a CREATE button on their dashboard and then create topics and articles. This allows motivated staff in your organisation to immediately start capturing their knowledge.

  • Only Staff can see the CREATE button on their dashboard option. Client and Prospect users do not have the option to create training content.

Admins can, however, disable either the 'Staff can create topics' and/or 'Staff can create articles' options in Admin β†’ Account β†’ Access. Once disabled, the only way to set up a new topic or article will be via an Admin.

How can Admins give someone a 'Creator' role in their profile?

Admins can edit any existing user's profile by going to Admin β†’ People β†’ Users, and selecting the relevant user. On the Profile tab), under Standard Fields, there is an option make someone a Creator.

Once enabled, this person will always see the CREATE button on their dashboard (regardless of whether the options for staff to create topics or articles are enabled or not).

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