There are several elements focused on text - text, columns, insights and quotes as a starting point. In addition, you can also use the Interact, Narration and Hotspot elements as more interactive ways to display text content.

The video below provides a brief overview of text formatting:

What formatting options do I have?

The exact text formatting options vary slightly between elements but can include the following options.

  • You can bold, italic, underline or strike-through text.

  • There are superscript and subscript options.

  • You can select from seven different fonts (serif and sans serif).

  • There are four different font sizes.

  • You can change the colour of your text and the background colour (highlight).

  • You can add links, including the option to open in a new window.

  • There are four paragraph styles (including quotes).

  • There are a range of both numbered and bullet lists.

  • You can add the entire range of FontAwesome icons, a huge range of emoticons and various special characters (such as math formula).

  • The table icon inserts a table with several formatting and sizing options. You can learn more about tables in this article.

  • The 'eraser' icon will remove all formatting.

  • Plus you can undo and redo changes.

Tips for formatting text:

  • Any rich text you paste from Microsoft Word will be automatically recognised and you will have the option to paste with or without formatting.

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