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What are my options to format text content?
What are my options to format text content?

There are many rich text formatting options used through-out elements in Tribal Habits.

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There are several elements focused on text - text, columns, insights and quotes as a starting point. In addition, you can also use the Interact, Narration and Hotspot elements as more interactive ways to display text content.

The video below provides a brief overview of text formatting:

What formatting options do I have?

The exact text formatting options vary slightly between elements but can include the following options.

  • You can bold, italic, underline or strike-through text.

  • There are superscript and subscript options.

  • You can insert images (see below)

  • You can select from seven different fonts (serif and sans serif).

    • Alternatively, you can change the default fonts for your portal in your brand settings - this change will update wherever you currently have the set default fonts in your topics and update with your changes made - please see this article here for more details.

  • There are four different font sizes.

  • You can change the colour of your text and the background colour (highlight).

  • You can add links, including the option to open in a new window.

  • There are four paragraph styles (including quotes).

  • There are a range of both numbered and bullet lists.

  • You can add the entire range of FontAwesome icons, a huge range of emoticons and various special characters (such as math formula).

  • The table icon inserts a table with several formatting and sizing options. You can learn more about tables in this article.

  • The 'eraser' icon will remove all formatting.

  • Plus you can undo and redo changes.

How do I insert images within text?

You can add images via the image element. However, you can also add images within the text element itself (or anywhere where there is text, such as interactions). To do this, click on 'Insert Image':

Tips for formatting text:

Any rich text you paste from Microsoft Word will be automatically recognised and you will have the option to paste with or without formatting.

As a best practice, we recommend pasting without formatting to avoid any unwanted formatting that may or may not be visible in edit mode (despite being visible to learners).

For information about correcting text formatting issues, click here.

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