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How to fix incorrectly formatted text or fonts!
How to fix incorrectly formatted text or fonts!

Tribal Habits is a browser-based platform which needs HTML-based text formatting. This can be a problem when pasting text from your desktop.

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Tribal Habits presents text in your browser using correct HTML-based formatting. This means that all text in Tribal Habits should be formatted using HTML.

If your are creating text within Tribal Habits, that will be easy. You can just start typing and then use the formatting options available in that element. This will ensure your text looks great on any screen and is consistent across your topics and articles.

  • It will also ensure that your text is compatible with all devices and with screen readers for WCAG accessibility.

What if you are pasting text from your desktop?

Problems can arise when you try to copy/paste text from a desktop application like Word or Power Point. Your desktop formats text differently. When you paste formatting desktop text into a browser, it can struggle to format correctly. It can also have a lot of hidden code for that formatting - which you can't see but which can create display problems later.

Ideally, you want to remove any formatting from your source material before copying/pasting. Simple things like bold or bullets will probably copy/paste correctly. However, even then you are usually better recreating that content within Tribal Habits to ensure its compatible with web browsers.

So there are a few tips to help you keep your text looking great.

  • Remove formatting before copying. If possible, remove all the formatting from your text before copying it - just have the text in paragraphs.

  • Tribal Habits may recognise that you are pasting text from your desktop and give you an option to 'clean' that text. If so, select clean to remove as much desktop code as possible.

  • Alternatively, right-click your mouse in the text element in Tribal Habits and select 'Paste as plain text' from the menu which pops up. This should remove all code and just leave the text.

If none of the above is working, copy your text and paste it into a new Word file as plain text. Then copy that plain text into Tribal Habits. Some desktop based formatting is deeply embedded and takes two rounds of pasting to remove.

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