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How do I create or save custom user searches?
How do I create or save custom user searches?

You can save frequently used searches on the People page in Admin.

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In the People view of your Admin area, there are a number of options for filtering the users within your portal. Using filters, you can search through your users, save frequently used searches and even create enrolment rules for your topics.

Filter searches can be based on standard user demographics (name, email address, user type, and so on) as well as creation dates, login dates and manager details.

In addition, you can have up to five custom fields of demographics to use in your searches - fields such as role, location, title, team and so on.

As you filter your users with updated search results, you will see the filtered list of users displayed on the screen. You can download a CSV of this filtered list using the download button.

Finally, you can save searches for future use (by clicking the 'Save Search' button), or use searches for enrolment rules (by clicking the 'Save Rule' button).

Save common search filters

You can save any search filter for future use by clicking the 'Saved Search' button and giving the filter a name.

To access the saved search filter at a later time, click the star button, select your saved search and click 'Apply'.

Saved searches are available to all admins (they are not unique for each admin).

To delete a saved search, click the star button, select the applicable search and click 'Delete'.

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