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What is the journal in my course used for?
What is the journal in my course used for?

Each course provides you with a personal journal for capturing key information and recording notes to refer back to at any time.

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Each course you're enrolled in provides you with a personal journal for capturing key information you may want to refer to during the course or revisit at a later time.

This journal is a space where you can record notes and see your contributions to certain course activities. You can also review the course overview and, for longer courses, the overview of each part at any time.

You can access your journal while completing the course or when reviewing the content after completion. You can also email your journal to yourself or download it as a PDF.


How do I access my journal for a course?

To access your personal journal for a course, navigate to the course on your dashboard and click ‘Explore'.

From within the course, click the JOURNAL button in the top-right to open your journal.

When ready, hide your journal by clicking 'CLOSE'.

What information is automatically added to my journal?

All insights you favourite from within the course are automatically copied to your journal. Your choices in polls and answers to written questions may also be added, depending on their settings.

Note: Insights are the small pieces of knowledge with labels like 'Important', 'Scenario', 'FAQ', 'Advice' or 'Mistake'. Each insight you come across in a course has a star icon you can click to favourite it.

How can I add a note to my journal?

From the relevant course, open your journal. Scroll to the heading ‘NOTES’ and click ‘Add note’. Type your note into the text box, then click ‘Save’ when ready.

Note: In longer courses, with multiple parts, you can add notes to each part, so be sure to locate the applicable part when adding a note.

Can I edit a note in my journal?

Yes. Scroll to the note you want to edit, click the pen (edit) icon, make your changes and click 'Save'.

Is my journal private?

The notes you add to your journal can only be seen by you unless a milestone notification has been set up to send the journal to your manager or another stakeholder.

Note: Milestones include events such as starting or completing a part within a course or completing the entire course. Notifications may or may not be set up for these milestones as decided by the course creator.

Journals are not included in the data visible to administrators. Other contributions, however, such as polls or written responses to questions, are captured as learning data and may be viewed by your administrators or used in aggregated reporting.

How can I email my journal to myself or save it as a PDF?

Scroll to the end of your journal where you'll see two buttons 'Email' and 'Download'.

Click the appropriate button and your journal will be sent to the email address registered to your account or downloaded as a PDF to your device.

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