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Are my contributions and answers anonymous?
Are my contributions and answers anonymous?

Your training contributions (answers to questions, choices in polls) may be shared with other learners on an aggregated basis only.

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In summary, your contributions in a training module in Tribal Habits may be shown to other learners, but only on an anonymous or aggregated basis.

Your contributions in a training module are identifiable and visible to platform administrations. You should ensure your contributions in a learning module therefore comply with your organisation's relevant policies.

In more detail, your contributions within a training module in Tribal Habits are presented anonymously (or aggregated) to other learners.

  • Any written contributions you share as part of a reflection or sharing activity may be shown to other learners, but without your name. In addition, your contributions are typically shown with contributions from several other users.

  • Any poll answers you select may be shown to other learners, but only on an aggregated basis (i.e. what per cent of learners selected each choice).

  • Any insights you contribute (if the 'Share an insight' interaction is enabled) may be visible to other learners, but once again without your name.

  • For any insights you favourite (i.e. click in the star icon), the aggregated number of 'favourites' is visible to other learners (i.e. there is no list of who favourited each insight).

  • Journal contributions, which may include written responses to Q&As, poll selections, and insights you favourite, are only visible to you except in cases where notifications have been configured to email a copy of your journal to your manager or another stakeholder.

Your answers are are not anonymous within the system, however.

Platform administrators can review learner contributions to monitor and moderate contributions if required, or as part of the collection of learning data for that organisation. It is important you therefore follow any policies or procedures about 'acceptance use' of the platform from your organisation.

To clarify, Tribal Habits itself does not review, analyse or share any learning data in your platform. The use of your learning data is governed by your organisation's own policies. Please contact your Tribal Habits platform administrator if you have questions about this.

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