Congratulations on making it this far in your implementation journey – you’re almost there! Now that you are coming to the end of your implementation, let’s look at some advanced functions as well as some next steps.

This is step 14 in the implementation process (it follows step 13 – 1st reports), and it is the final step in implementation.

How to complete this step?

We discuss setting up some advanced features below, including our Roles feature.

To complete this step, follow the process below:

  1. Setup roles, skills and competencies using our Roles feature (optional). Click here to learn more about Roles and how to set them up.

  2. Assign roles to your users and skills to your knowledge (optional).

  3. Second content. You’ve created your first content and your users are now either progressing through the knowledge or have already completed it. It’s now time for you to plan and create your second piece of content, and follow the process through to enrol your users.

  4. Assign categories. In step 4 (Fields and Categories) we created Categories. Now that you have knowledge in the platform, you can assign your Categories to your knowledge. Click here to learn how to assign Categories to your knowledge.

What are the best practices with this step?

  • Each user can have up to 5 Roles assigned to them.

  • Organisations may have many roles, many more competencies and many, many more skills.

  • Now that you’ve been through each of the implementation steps, if you’re stuck or having trouble then remember that we’re here to help! The quickest and easiest way to get help is through the Admin chat feature in your portal.

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