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13 - First reports

In this step, you’ll review your first reports.

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Congratulations! You've enrolled users into your first content and your users are now progressing through and completing your training. It's now time to review your first reports.

In this step, you’ll review your first reports. This is step 13 in the implementation process (it follows step 12 – 1st enrolments). After this step, you’ll do the final step: step 14 – Next steps/Advanced functions.

How to complete this step?

Once your users have started to complete your first content, you can review some reporting.

To complete this step, navigate to analytics within the topic or article. This can be found in Knowledge > Topic/Article. Click on the relevant piece of knowledge and navigate to the Analytics panel.

Here, you can oversee information such as enrolments, as well as the number or percentage of explorers who have completed the knowledge.

What are the best practices with this step?

  • You can view the analytics panel within topics and articles, however the analytics tab also has a lot of great data. Here, you can pull reports on things like progress and responses.

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