Welcome back. In this step of the implementation process, you’ll set up your portal’s branding. This is step 3 in the implementation process (it follows step 2 – Admin roles). After this step, you’ll move onto step 4 – Fields and categories.

How to complete this step?

To complete this step, navigate to Admin -> Account -> Settings and the Brand panel, and follow the actions below:

  1. Check your organisation name and main logo. Your organisation name and main logo will be pre-loaded into the platform for you. You can update your name and logo at any time.

  2. Upload your Favicon.

  3. Upload your Login Page Image.

  4. Update your Login Page Text.

  5. Check your Primary and Highlight Colours.

  6. Check and update (if necessary) your Primary Admin Name and Email. Learn more about the ‘Primary’ admin here.

What are the best practices with this step?

  • We use white text in some locations throughout the platform. For best use of the platform, primary and highlight colours should have a high contrast ratio with white. There is a contrast ratio checker beside the colour selector – aim for a ratio of at least 3:1.

  • The Primary Admin Name and Email is the label put on all notifications from your portal. It’s not an actual user but just a label used on notifications. So the Primary Admin’s ‘name’ might just be your organisation’s name (e.g. ACME) or might be the team which runs training at your organisations (e.g. ACME Training). It should be a name your learners would recognize in their inbox. For the email, it can be any email you like but is often a shared inbox, such as [email protected]

  • Organisations can also have multiple portals, each with different brands, all within one subscription. Learn more about our multi-portal feature in this article.

What are examples of this step in action?

Small organisation:

Upon navigating to the brand panel, our smallest organisation updates their login page image and text. They also check their primary and highlight colours, noticing they do not contrast well against white. The organisation tweaks their colours slightly to allow for good contrast. They also update their Primary Admin Name, leaving the Primary Admin Email the email address for the training manager (not a shared email address). They also decide not to update their favicon.

Medium and Large organisations:

Both our medium and large organisations complete all 6 steps, ensuring they update their Primary Admin Name and Email to their shared training inbox.

Our large organisation also wants to have a separate portal for their customer training, which has slightly different branding and a separate set of admins. They contact Tribal Habits support to active another portal in their subscription, with its own URL and branding, and can then copy content between their portals (re-using staff training for customers for example).

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