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How do I copy content or elements within or between topics or articles?
How do I copy content or elements within or between topics or articles?

You can copy content within or between any two topics or articles you are the creator of. Plus, you can also copy entire parts/steps/facts!

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When editing a topic or article, you will be creating content using our building block editor and adding different elements of content - text, images, quizzes and so on.

There may be times you want to copy that content within a topic or article, or even to another topic or article.

  • Copy a quiz to another topic.

  • Copy a complex interact element (say, flip cards with images) to another article.

  • Copy a commonly used poll to another topic.

  • Copy an entire part to another topic to avoid recreating it.

Let's explore all the options below.

Copying elements within the same part of a topic (or article)

As a creator, when you hover over any element you will see a number of control icons appear. One of those icons is the 'Copy' icon - it is two squares stacked together.

Click this icon will create a copy of that building block in that location (right under the original element).

Copying elements to another part of the same topic

Another of those control icons is the 'Copy to' icon - it is the square with the arrow pointing to the top right.

If you click this icon, a popup will appear and you can select another part (step, fact, rule, idea) in your topic and create a copy of that element at the end of that part. Note this is a 'copy' not a 'move', so your original element will remain. You can then go to that other part and move your new copy into the correct position.

NOTE: When copying content between parts, there will be a dropdown to select the part you want to copy to. If you cannot see the part you require, please reload your browser to refresh your downloaded code (you may have added that part recently and the code in your browser does not know the new part exists).

Copying elements to another topic or article

The same 'Copy to' icon will also give you the option of selecting another topic or article to copy your element to.

NOTE: You can only copy elements to topics or articles of which you are a creator. So if you cannot see the topic or article you want to copy to, it will be because you are not a creator of that other topic or article.

Copying entire parts (steps, facts, rules, ideas) within the same topic

You can also copy an entire part within the same topic. This can be useful if you want to retain the original version of that part while you edit the duplicate to see how your changes might look. It can also be useful to 'split' a long part - copy the part and then delete elements from both to 'split' the part into two.

To copy a part, scroll to the top of the part until you see the title and summary. If you hover over the title and summary, control icons appear for the entire part. One of those icons is the 'Copy' icon - it is two squares stacked together.

Clicking that icon will create a duplicate of that part within that topic.

Copying entire parts (steps, facts, rules, ideas) to another topic

There is also a 'Copy to' icon for the entire part! This allows you to copy an entire part (step, fact, idea, rule) to another topic. IMPORTANT: You can only copy parts to topics of which you are a creator.

Copy an entire topic or article

Finally, if you are an admin, you can also copy an entire topic or article. You can learn more about that process in this article.

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