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What IT requirements does Tribal Habits have?

Review our support for browsers and versions, devices, single-sign-on and recommended URLs and emails to whitelist.
Written by Rolf Lawrenz
Updated 3 months ago

Tribal Habits is a browser-based application and requires a constant internet connection. It is a lightweight platform with minimal IT requirements.

Browser compatibility

First, we support all modern desktop web browsers. While we support Internet Explorer 11, we recommend using other browsers where possible for a better experience. However, we fully support Internet Explorer 11 if your organisation is still using it (and will do so through to the schedule end of life of IE11).

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - Version 11 onward. Please note that we cannot guarantee complete support for versions of Internet Explorer 11 created from before May 2015 (there are noted widespread compatibility problems with versions of IE11 which are over 5 years old).
  • Microsoft Edge - Any version
  • Mozilla Firefox - Version 45 onwards (although many earlier versions also work)
  • Google Chrome - Version 48 onwards (although many earlier versions also work)
  • Apple Safari - Version 9 onwards

Second, there are no downloads required (we do not utilise Adobe Flash or require any plug-ins or downloads). You just need your browser. This means that Tribal Habits should also function with 'thin-client' or remote desktops. There are no downloads or installations which require approval from your IT department.

Privacy settings

Tribal Habits does require users to accept session cookies in their browsers as part of our security management and user authentication process (this is typical of any online portal requiring a login).

Device compatibility

We support all desktop devices which can run any of the above browsers.

We also support tablet devices (e.g. iPads) for all aspects of the platform.

We also support mobile devices for learning purposes and are fully responsive to small screen sizes. We recommend using your mobile in landscape view. While you can access content creation and platform administration functions from your mobile, the experience is not optimised for those complex functions.


Tribal Habits sends a variety of email notifications to your users. You can learn more about this process, the settings for the email 'From' user (Primary Admin) and how to manage any internal email filters at your organisation at this article.


Tribal Habits can support up to Level AA requirements under Web Accessibility Content Guidelines 2.1. Learn more about our approach and support for accessible users at this article.

Single-Sign-On compatibility

For single-sign-on environments, we support the SAML 2.0 standard. You can learn more about our SSO set-up here. This includes support for popular SSO platforms including Microsoft Azure AD and ADFS, Okta, OneLogin, Salesforce and more. 


For most organisations, no whitelisting is required. However, we recommend white-listing the following emails and domains in your corporate firewalls to ensure maximum compatibility (particularly if you have a vigorous IT security process!).

  • *
  • *
  • support @

In addition, if you decide to embed content from third-party websites in any of your created training in Tribal Habits, your organisation will need to permit those websites. A typical example is YouTube. If your organisation blocks YouTube, it is likely to be blocked when viewed within Tribal Habits as well.


Our SCORM links meet SCORM 1.2 standards and will be compatible with any learning management system (LMS) which correctly interprets SCORM 1.2.

For users accessing a Tribal Habits module via their LMS and our SCORM links, the user's browser must accept third-party cookies. Instructions to manage third-party cookies for various browsers can be found below.

If required, you can specify the Tribal Habits domain as an exception to blocked third-party cookies (e.g. Allow third-party cookies from

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