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How can I integrate Tribal Habits with a digital credentials platform?
How can I integrate Tribal Habits with a digital credentials platform?

While Tribal Habits provides customised, branded PDF certificates, you can also integrate with digital certificate and badge platforms.

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When your learners complete training in Tribal Habits, you may wish to provide them with a certificate of completion. Tribal Habits supports highly customised and branded certificates, even allowing completely different branded certificates for each course. These certificates can be enabled or disabled, customised as needed and emailed to your learners upon completion (including unique certificate numbers and other relevant materials).

However, there are time when your organisation may wish to provide a digital credential from a third-party digital credential platform like Credly or Certifier. Digital credentials provided by these platforms can offer additional security or credibility options for your training (QR codes, badges and more). Digital credentials also offer increased permanency, allowing your learners to maintain secure credentials beyond their use of your Tribal Habits platform.

In this article, let's review options to set up digital credentials via an integration between Tribal Habits and a digital credentials platforms.

Step 1 - Select your digital credentials platform

First, you will need a digital credentials platform. You will need to review the various features and pricing of each platform in making your decision.

However, its also important the selected platform has the ability to integrate with Tribal Habits. This means, the platform must have either:

  • A native Zapier integration. These platforms are easy to connect to Tribal Habits through our own native Zapier integration. Examples include Credly, Certifier, CertifyMe, Accredible and SimpleCert. With Tribal Habits, Zapier and one of those platforms, you can easily create an integration to send digital certificates for completed Tribal Habits courses with little effort and low cost.

  • A public API. Alternatively, you can utilise Tribal Habits' managed integration services to create an integration with a digital credentials platform that has a public API. As an example, Certifier offers a public API to allow for more complex integrations with Tribal Habits. This option may suit organisations that do not wish to use Zapier themselves and would prefer Tribal Habits set up the integration on their behalf.

With either choice, it is important that Tribal Habits can integrate with your selected digital credentials platform via Zapier or Public API.

TIP: When using digital badges or certifications, you may wish to disable the completion notification and certificate of completion for the associated topic or pathway in Tribal Habits (to avoid sending two completion notifications/certificates to your learners). Just send the digital badge or certification from your credentials platform instead.

Step 2 - Create your template in your credentials platform

Now you need to create the template for your digital credential, certificate or badge in your credentials platform. This step will vary between platforms, but essentially you are creating the template to be populated by completion data from Tribal Habits.

For example, in Certifier, you can customise a digital certificate with layouts, logos, QR Codes and attributes to be collected from Tribal Habits.

You may also need to set up organisations or groups within your digital credential platform to group your learners, or set up notification or other branding options. Once you have your digital credential, badge or certificate ready, we just need to integrate with Tribal Habits.

Step 3 - Integrate Tribal Habits with your digital credential platform

You now need to connect (integration) Tribal Habits with your selected digital credentials platform. There are two options for this.

  • Via Zapier - This is a 'DIY' solution which your organisation can manage directly. It requires that the digital credentials platform has a Zapier application.

  • Via Managed Integration - This is the 'We do it for you' option. In this case, we will set up a managed integration with your digital credentials platform. It requires that your digital credentials platform has a Public API.

Step 3A - Via Zapier

We will assume you have a basic understanding of Zapier and creating 'zaps' within it. The zap required here is very simple. We will assume you have set up the Zapier connection with your Tribal Habits and digital credentials platform already.

  1. Insert a Trigger from Tribal Habits - Enrolment Completed. This trigger will occur every time a topic or pathway is completed in your Tribal Habits portal. It will provide you with the name, email, completion date and certified date (if any) of the user. It will also have the title and access code of the completed enrolment.

    1. TIP: If you only want to send certain enrolments to your digital credentials platform, you could insert a Filter action after this trigger. You could then create filters to allow/deny enrolments.

    2. TIP: If you want more information about your completed enrolment than is provided in the Tribal Habits trigger, you could instead enable a Webhook in your Tribal Habits portal and use the Zapier trigger 'Webhook' instead.

  2. Insert a Filter action (if required).

    1. If all your completed enrolments in Tribal Habits result in the same credential/badge, then you can ignore this step.

    2. However, if your completed enrolments in Tribal Habits result in different credentials/badges OR only some of your completed enrolments in Tribal Habits are related to a credential/badge, then this filter step can assist. You can set up a filter/rule to only process certain enrolments. You may do this via the name of the completed training or the access code of the completed training.

  3. Insert an Action from your digital credentials platform - Create a credential/badge. The action will vary depending on your digital credentials platform, but will be something about creating or assigning or issuing a credential. You will typically select the credential template you created in step 2 and the populate key fields with data from the enrolment completion trigger - the learners name, email, topic/pathway title, completion date, certified date and so on.

That's it! Here's an example of this easy zap between Tribal Habits and Certifier. In this case, the certification is only issued for a specific module in Tribal Habits with the access code TH-82-1.

Step 3B - Via Managed Integration

In this scenario, Tribal Habits can set up a managed integration between your Tribal Habits platform and your digital credentials platform. This is a costed service and will require a quote from our Support team.

In this case, we will use webhooks from your Tribal Habits portal and the Public API of your selected digital credentials platform. Typically, we would recommend using the Zapier option where possible and only consider this option if:

  • Your organisation cannot use Zapier.

  • The digital credentials platform you need is not available on Zapier.

  • You need a more complex integration than Zapier can provide.

Please note that your selected digital credentials platform must have a Public API for this option to be considered.

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