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What happens when you delete an element or part from a topic?
What happens when you delete an element or part from a topic?

In this article, we discuss what happens when you delete individual elements - like an insight or quiz or sort - or entire parts in a topic.

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Our building block editor makes it easy to insert, move, copy and delete elements in your training. With over 50 different layouts, you can easily create a wide variety of highly interactive training.

At times though, you may want to delete a single element or even delete an entire point (a part or step). Let's briefly review what happens when you delete content.

Deletion of an element or part is permanent

Topics may have many elements inserted and deleted as they are developed. Elements can also be copied, moved and edited. We do not store every single change to every single element in every single part in every single topic. We store the latest change to each element.

So when you delete an element or a part, that content is permanently deleted. in the case of deleting an entire part, it deletes all the elements within it.

Recovery of deleted content is not possible. As a result, you will need to confirm the deletion of any element or part before it is removed.

Deleting an element also deletes learner data for that element

Some elements store associated learner data in the form of 'events'.

  • For example, a quiz element stores events like whether the learner has answered the quiz, their choices in the quiz and their result in that quiz.

  • This 'event' data is associated with that specific quiz.

  • So if you delete that quiz, it also disassociates and deletes all the related events.

This means if you delete that quiz, you will lose access to the historical data associated with that quiz.

As a result, before deleting elements with learner data, you may want to download that data first from the Analytics area in Admin. This includes:

  • Answers for Quizzes

  • Answers for Fill-in

  • Answers for Match

  • Answers for Polls

  • Responses for Q&A

  • Responses for Reflect

  • Submissions for Tasks

  • Submissions for Upload

  • Attendance at Events

For elements such as these, we have additional deletion warnings and record their deletion in the Timeline reports to provide an audit log of when those elements were removed (NB: Timelines tracking was added from April 2024).

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