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Troubleshooting user login problems for external users in an SSO portal
Troubleshooting user login problems for external users in an SSO portal

Steps for admins to troubleshoot problems with external users logging into a portal with Single-Sign-On (SSO) enabled.

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As a Tribal Habits Admin, user management is a key responsibility. While Tribal Habits has many automated functions to assist with user management, there are times when an Admin needs to respond to user questions and help them log in.

There are several different ways to log in to a Tribal Habits portal. This article is for external users logging into a Tribal Habits portal which has Single-Sign-On (SSO) enabled and has steps for an Admin to troubleshoot issues.

If you are having problems with a user logging in via another login method, please see this article which reviews all the different login options and has links to separate troubleshooting guides for each type of login.

Step 1 - Is the user set to 'External' login?

When SSO is enabled in a Tribal Habits portal, a new field appears on the profile of all users called 'LOGIN'. This field can be set to:

  • Internal - For SSO users.

  • External - For non-SSO users.

Start by checking that your external/non-SSO user is set to 'External' for this field.
You can also filter to see SSO versus non-SSO users on the People page or in reports using the 'Login' People filter (accessible when you click the 'All People' button).

By default, this field is set to show 'Any' (both SSO and non-SSO users). To change it, simply click the dropdown and choose 'External' or 'Internal' according to which type of users you want to see.

Step 2 - Is the user accessing the External login page?

External users need to log in via the dedicated external user log in page. These users will See How to have both single-sign-on (SSO) and external users in one portal.

Please check the user is attempting to login on that page.

Step 3 - Troubleshooting standard login issues

At this point, the user is basically attempting to log in as a standard user. So now proceed to this article which has additional troubleshooting tips for login issues more generally.

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