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How can I manage a specific users enrolments?
How can I manage a specific users enrolments?

Your users profiles have separate tabs for Topics, Articles and Pathways. These allow you to manage training of a specific user.

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Individual user profiles have tabs titled Topics, Articles and Pathways. Selecting any of these allows you to perform the same functions in each, which are outlined below, to help you manage a specific users training.

Each of these tabs will list all the topics (or articles or pathways - depending on your selection) in your portal and allows you to manage the user's enrolments in them, including enrol and unenrol, making them a creator of custom topics, managing due dates and completions or resetting their enrolment.

Filtering Options:

By default, you will see a list of active topics/articles/pathways (depending which tab you are in). You can use the first drop down option to show active, draft, active and draft or archived. You can use the second drop down option to show current enrolments, all enrolments or lapsed. In conjunction with the dropdown options, you can also use the search box to search by title.

Note: you may need to update the dropdown selections to locate the specific title (e.g if it is in draft, you will need to make sure that a dropdown option to show draft versions is selected).

Available Actions:

You can select individual or multiple knowledge items with the checkboxes on the left hand side of the title. Once you have selected the required items, you can use the 'Bulk Actions' button to perform the required task. You have the following options to perform for training associated with the specific user:

  • Enrol

  • Unenrol

  • Change due date

  • Set to completed

  • Change certified date

  • Reset enrolment

  • Retake knowledge

Once you have selected the required action, you will be asked to confirm and this will update accordingly for the user selected.

Other methods of managing enrolments:

There are also other options for managing enrolments, further information on these can be seen here and may be suitable if you are looking to perform bulk actions for multiple users or knowledge.

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