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How can I help troubleshoot errors I am encountering?
How can I help troubleshoot errors I am encountering?

If you are encountering an error, there are steps you can take to help our support team trouble shoot errors.

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Sometimes, despite all the best intentions and hard work by everyone, you may find yourself encountering an error while using our platform. If so, here are some things you can do to help resolve or troubleshoot this error.

PLEASE review and action each step before contacting our support team to report an error. This will greatly speed up our team's ability to understand your situation and troubleshoot a solution.

Step 1 - Refresh or restart your browser

Tribal Habits is a cloud-based platform. Like any cloud-based platforms, we are relying upon your browser to successfully connect with our servers. Sometimes, this 'browser to server' connection temporarily fails. You might have had a network error or loss of connection, your browser may have an internal error itself, your computer can run out of memory (too many browser tabs open) and so on.

So as a first step, try closing and restarting your browser and seeing if the error continues.

Step 2 - Refresh or restart your computer

Similar to our first step, sometimes your computer needs a reboot. Perhaps a pending update to your operating system is causing an issue.

So as a second step, try restarting your computer.

Step 3 - Try a different browser and/or computer

If you are still encountering the error, let's narrow things down a bit further. Ideally:

  • Try a different browser. This will confirm if there is perhaps a caching issue with your first browser or, very rarely, a problem with one particular browser (which may also be related to any plugins in that browser).

  • Try a different device. If you do not have another browser, try a different device - a laptop, tablet or mobile device are all good replacements for your computer. This may also mean a different connection.

If the error does not occur in the other browser or device, then you know you have a localised issue in the first browser or device. Our support team may be able to assist with this, but you might want to first check with your IT team.

Step 4 - Does the error occur elsewhere?

Final step is to determine if this error is unique or widespread. For example:

  • Are multiple users having the same problem? If a user is reporting an error, are other users reporting the same error? If other users are fine and the error is isolate to a single user, that is very valuable information for our support team. So please let them know that you have verified the error is for many or just a single user.

  • Are multiple modules having the same problem? If you are having a problem with a topic, article or pathway, does the same problem occur with other topics, articles or pathways? Have you tried recreating the same scenario and its still occurring elsewhere? Once again, this is very useful information for our support team and will dramatically speed up their response if they know how widespread the error is.

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