7 - Creating 1st content

In this step, you'll create your first content.

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So now its time to create your first training content!

This is step 7 in the implementation process (which follows Step 6 – Curriculum Planning). After this step, you’ll be ready for Step 8 – Training Settings.

How to complete this step?

Now that you’ve planned the first piece/s of content you’d like to use to launch the platform, it’s time to create it.

To complete this step, you need to:

  1. Decide on how you’re going to create the content. There are a few options for you to choose from:

    1. Build your topic/article from scratch.

    2. Use a library topic (or edit a library topic).

    3. Ask Tribal Habits to build it for you, using our conversion service.

  2. Build your training. Once you’ve decided on how you’ll create the content, it’s time to build it. For library topics, this is as simple as importing or copying the relevant topic.

What are the best practices with this step?

  • Using our library topics is a quick and simple way of creating your first content. Remember that library content appears in your branding and is fully editable. As a tip, we generally recommend importing compliance topics and not editing them, so you can receive updates from our team. You may want to copy other topics in the library for editing as required.

  • If you have existing content you’d like to use, Tribal Habits offers a service to convert your existing training into the platform. This service usually offers a quick turnaround, with very minimal effort required by you, making it a great way to get you setup with your first content. Learn more about our conversion process by emailing [email protected]

  • Remember that every topic you create in Tribal Habits receives a free review from one of our experts. Use that review when your topic is in pretty good shape – getting a good score from Sage and reviewed by one of your colleagues. Our reviews will help you quickly get to the ‘good enough’ stage and ready to launch this first topic!

  • Getting stuck? Click here for some tips on what you can do if you get stuck while creating your content.

What are examples of this step in action?

Small organisation:

Our small organisation chooses to start with an anti-bullying topic. After browsing the library, they find a topic on anti-bullying and harassment. They choose to import that topic, and so it is basically ready to go. They then create an article with their own anti-bullying policy, including a short quiz and an acceptance poll. They combine the topic and the article into a single pathway and are ready to go.

Medium organisation:

Our medium sized organisation chooses to start with compliance training. They browse the library and find the modules they need, including versions for managers. Then then create their Code of Conduct article, with all their policies and request a free review from Tribal Habits to confirm it is all set up correctly. Finally, they import their warden training and injury management modules and create that final pathway.

Large organisation:

Our large organisation also builds compliance training, similarly to the medium organisation. However, they also identify an urgent need to conduct some induction training on culture and values. So they create one extra induction module which covers organisation history, values and standards and also request a free review from Tribal Habits for this topic.

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