Often creating a topic/article is straight-forward and you just get the groove and get it done over a few sessions. Sometimes, however, you might get just a little stuck. If you are having a busy day or are juggling many projects, you may struggle to get inspiration on your topic/article!

That's OK! If you are feeling like that, here's a couple of tips to get you back in the game.

1. Step back and take some time off. Don’t get frustrated or try to ‘push through’. Sometimes you just need a break and to let your mind think through things in the background. Then, presto, the inspiration you were looking for appears!

2. Talk with your team at and ask for some ideas. Are you heading in the right direction and just need some inspiration to keep going? Or do you need a total rethink? Perhaps the topic is going better than you think?

3. Focus on your structure and facts. Once you get your choice of facts right, creating the content is usually relatively easy. So consider if you have chosen the right structure - maybe another structure might be a better fit and get you more inspired?

4. Try to complete the topic - even if it’s a bit rough. Just get all your facts done, even if you aren’t happy with them. Once you have that first draft, you can then review the topic as a whole and get more help from peers at . Your first draft doesn’t need to be perfect. Often it’s easier to complete a poor first draft and edit it to make it great, then to try to produce a great first draft from the start.

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