The PDF element allows explorers to view a PDF of a document online. This might be a PDF of:

  • Power Point slides

  • A Word document

  • A complex flow chart

  • A brochure

  • A form or document used in your organisation

The video below shows how you can add PDF's to your topic or article:

What is the PDF element?

The PDF element is a 'viewer', so the PDF will be visible on the screen for the explorers to examine. This is different from the Download element which provides the explorers with a file to actually download - which may also be a PDF (but the Download element could also share an Excel spreadsheet or Adobe Photoshop file).

The PDF element is, therefore, used when you want to the learner to actually view the PDF onscreen.

How do you add and use a PDF element?

The PDF element is quite simple. Creators can add a PDF element at any location in their topic or article, just like any other element.

When editing the PDF element, creators can upload their PDF and then optionally allow explorers to print or download the PDF from the element.

What does the explorer see when viewing a PDF?

The PDF viewer is lightweight and works with any modern browser. Learners can:

  • Zoom (making this a great option for complex charts or images)

  • Page through the PDF

  • View and navigate through all pages (double-page, continuous, rotate pages)

  • Search the PDF for keywords

  • Open the PDF in full screen

  • Print the PDF

  • Download the PDF

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