Tribal Habits triggers

A trigger is an event that starts a zap. So these triggers are events that happen in Tribal Habits that can be used to start actions in other platforms. Our Zapier triggers are:

  • New User. Triggers whenever a new user is created in Tribal Habits.

  • Update User. Triggers whenever a user profile is updated in Tribal Habits.

  • New Enrolment. Triggers whenever a new enrolment is created in Tribal Habits.

  • Completed Enrolment. Triggers whenever an enrolment is completed (conquered) in Tribal Habits.

In addition to these triggers, Zapier has some additional actions to help manage the start of your zaps.

  • Filter. The Filter action can help you restrict a trigger to specific circumstances. For example, you may use the Completed Enrolment trigger to start a zap, but then use the Filter action to limit the zap to only running when the completion for a topic or article, but not for a pathway.

  • Format. The Format action can change data from a trigger into a new format before it is used by other actions. For example, in the Completed Enrolment trigger, we report training time in minutes. You can use the Format action to change that to hours.

Tribal Habits actions

An action is an activity completed in a platform. It occurs when a zap is 'triggered' by a trigger. So actions in Tribal Habits occur when another platform has an event and you want Tribal Habits to take action. Our Zapier actions are:

  • Create user. This creates a new user in Tribal Habits using data from your trigger.

  • Find user. This searches for an existing user and obtains their data. Optionally, you can create a new user if the search is unsuccessful.

  • Update user. This updates an existing user in Tribal Habits using data from your trigger.

  • Create or Update Enrolment. This creates a new enrolment or updates an existing enrolment. This action utilises the same enrolment codes used in your Tribal Habits platform for spreadsheet enrolments.

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