Let's connect your Tribal Habits platform with Zapier.

First, you will need a Zapier account! If not already, please visit the Zapier website and sign up for an account.

Second, you will need to enable the Zapier integration in your Tribal Habits platform. To check if Zapier is enabled in your platform, log in to your portal as a Super Admin and navigate to Admin / Account / Integrations. In the Integrations panel on that page, you will see a row for Zapier API which will indicate if your Zapier integration is enabled. If not, please contact Support to enable Zapier in your portal.

Third, you will need your Zapier API key. In that same panel on Admin / Account / Integrations, you can obtain your Zapier API key (once Zapier is enabled in your portal). It will be a long, random string of letters and numbers.

Fourth, you can now connect your Tribal Habits portal to your Zapier account. You will be prompted to do this the first time you add Tribal Habits to a zap. The prompt will look like this:

Into this prompt, you will need to enter:

  • Your Zapier API key from step three.

  • Your entire Tribal Habits portal URL.

Once connected, you are then ready to start building zaps!

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