When you log into Tribal Habits, you will start on your dashboard (called '[Your first name's] Dashboard).

On your dashboard, you will see a list of all training you have been enrolled in. Your dashboard will automatically prioritise your training based on its status and summarises training which you are exploring, has become urgent or has conquered (completed).

In the example below, we can see that for David, he is...

  • Enrolled as a CREATOR in 'Sales proposals and pitching for success.' This means David is able to edit this training module. Training you are creating appears at the top of your dashboard.

  • Enrolled in 'Mental health awareness for employees'. This was due in 6 days, so it has been prioritised at the top of his dashboard. It is also counted as URGENT in the summary at the top of his dashboard.

  • Enrolled in a 'Employee induction' pathway, which consists of three topics. The pathway is not due for 26 days, and so it is prioritised third. In this pathway, Steven must complete three modules. He has completed the first (about COVID-19) but has not yet started the second (on Information Security). The third module (on EEO) is locked until the second has been completed.

  • Enrolled in 'Best practice listening skills'. David has started to explore this topic, but it has no due date. So it is de-prioritised towards the bottom of his dashboard.

  • Already complete for 'Writing effective position descriptions'. As a result, this module has been moved to the end of his list as it is now completed. David can revisit this module to review content, as well as access the training certificate for this module directly from his dashboard.

Starting a module

To start, or revisit, any module, simply click on the box containing the module title. The overview of that training module will slide-out from the right and provide you with summary information about the module. There will be a button to explore the module at the end of this overview.

To start, or revisit, that module - just click on the Explore button. The module will then open and you can begin or continue your work.

In the example below, Steven has clicked on the Alcohol and drugs in the workplace module and he can then click on Explore to begin.

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