Admins can manually enrol individuals or groups of people into topics, articles and pathways.

In this article, we look at the enrolment process starting with selecting a person or group of people, and then selecting knowledge to enrol them in.

Manually enrolling a single person into a topic, article or pathway

To manage enrolments for a single person:

  1. Navigate the People tab in Admin and click on the name of the relevant person.
    When viewing that person's details, you will see tabs at the top which include: Profile, History, Roles (if applicable), Team (if applicable), Topics, Articles, Pathways, and Notes.

  2. Click Topics, Articles, or Pathways, depending on the type of content you'd like to enrol the person in. On each of these tabs, you can view a list of relevant knowledge.

  3. Use the checkboxes beside each topic, article or pathway to select one or more items and manage the user's enrolment by using the 'Enrol' quicklink. Other quicklink options include Unenrol, Change Due Date, Set To Conquered, Change Certified Date, Reset Enrolment and Retake Enrolment.

Manually enrolling a group of people into a topic, article or pathway

To manage enrolments for a group of people on a manual basis:

  1. Navigate to the People tab in Admin.

  2. Use the filters above the table of users to filter to the relevant group of people.

  3. Select each required person using the checkboxes on the left. Use the checkbox in the first row of the table to select everyone in the filtered table.

  4. From the 'I want to...' drop-down above the table, select 'Enrol in knowledge'.

  5. From the topic pop-up, select the required knowledge and click 'Enrol'.

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