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Tips for using the Record option in Narration and Audio
Tips for using the Record option in Narration and Audio

Review suggestions to help improve audio recordings or troubleshooting problems with recording audio.

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Both the Narration and Audio elements allow creators to select a 'Record' option. This option allows creators to record a voiceover from the microphone on their computer.

Tribal Habits uses a lightweight audio recording technology which requires no downloads and works in your browser.

Please note that Record is only supported by Google Chrome (Version 47+), Mozilla Firefox (Version 25+) and Microsoft Edge (Version 79+). Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is too old for this technology while Apple Safari is still in beta for this support.

Here are some general tips to help create high-quality audio (and troubleshoot problems).

  • You will need to enable your microphone in your browser to use the Record option. Your browser will prompt you for permission for Tribal Habits to use your microphone when you create or edit a new Narration or Audio element.

  • If you decline permission to use your microphone, the Record function will not work. If you have previously declined permission, you may need to edit your Privacy settings in your browser to grant Tribal Habits permission if you want to use Record in the future.

  • When using the Record option, we recommend keeping your recordings under 60 seconds. 60 seconds is actually quite a long time for an explorer to listen to a recording without anything else occurring on the screen.

  • If your recording will be more than 60 seconds, we recommend using the Narration element and recording your voiceover in 10-20 second segments and splitting the recording over several slides. This makes it easier to record each segment and allows you to have moving visuals with each slide change (perhaps summarising key points on the slide text).

  • After you press 'Stop', your computer will need to encode your recording for playback. Typically this only takes a few seconds, but if your recording is long, your computer CPU is not powerful or your computer CPU is processing many background tasks, this may take 5-10 seconds. Please be patient and allow the encoding to finish before clicking anything else.

  • For very long audio recordings, we recommend using an offline recording process and then uploading your file into Narration or Audio via the Upload option.

  • If your recorded audio has stutters or skipping, this will be due to either a poor quality microphone or not enough power in your computer CPU. Try using a faster computer or closing background tasks. If the problem continues, please use an offline recorder instead.

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