If your topic has more than one big point (so several parts, facts, ideas, rules or steps), then it is possible to use URLs to link between them.

Each topic in your Tribal Habits portal has a unique URL. It will be something like https://yourorganisation.tribalhabits.com/topics/xxx/explore#/

  • yourorganisation will be your unique Tribal Habits subdomain

  • xxx will be a unique ID number for your topic.
    You can easily see this URL when you explore a topic.

Each module within your topic also has a unique URL. Points (steps, parts, ideas, rules, facts) will be https://yourorganisation.tribalhabits.com/topics/xxx/explore#/idea/y where y is the number of the idea.

System generated modules have their own URLs too.

A few notes to keep in mind.

  • You cannot link to specific sections within a point - only between the points themselves.

  • These URLs only work for enrolled people in that topic. If you are not enrolled, the URL will not work.

  • If you change the order of your points, delete points or remove system modules, you will need to update your links.

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