Does Tribal Habits have an API?
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Tribal Habits has an extensive Public API for managing users, enrolments and more.

How can you access our Public API?

Access to our Public API is available on Annual 50 plans and higher. NOTE - Public API access is not available on our Annual 5 plan or our legacy Monthly plans.

How to check if our API is enabled in your portal

  • To check if our API is enabled in your portal, log in to your portal as a Super Admin and navigate to Admin > Account > Integrations.

  • In the Integrations panel on that page, you will see a row for Public API which will indicate if your access to our Public API is enabled. If not, please contact Support to request that the Public API is enabled in your portal.

  • Once the Public API is enabled, you will find your Public API key in the same Integrations panel. Please keep this key secure at all times.

  • Here is the full documentation for our Tribal Habits Public API

What can the Public API be used for?

The Public API can be used to build custom integrations of your own between our platform and any other platform. It allows you to:

  • Get details on users

  • Create new users

  • Update existing users

  • Get details on topics, articles and pathways

  • Create and update enrolments in topics, articles and pathways

  • Create new external knowledge records

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