How do I reset a password?

If you are having trouble with your password or logging into your account, start here for some help and options!

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If you can't log in as you can't remember your password...

  1. Go to your organisation's login page (usually

  2. Below the login fields, look for and click on a link called 'Forgot your password?'.

  3. Enter the email address you use to login to Tribal Habits and request a password reset email is sent to you.

  4. Check your inbox (and possibly your spam or junk folder) for a password reset email and follow the instructions.

If you aren't receiving the password reset email...

Contact your organisation's training administrator and ask them to reset your password directly.

Please do not contact Tribal Habits - we cannot change user passwords.

You must contact your organisation's portal administrator for assistance.

If you're already logged in but can't remember your password...

If you are still logged in to Tribal Habits, you can also change your password by accessing your Profile.

Click the Profile link on your dashboard and click the 'Change password' button.

IMPORTANT: If your organisation uses SSO, Tribal Habits will hide the 'Change password' button from learners Profile tab. Learners don't have a Tribal Habits password. Instead they will log in with their SSO password.

Too many unsuccessful attempts...

If a user enters the wrong password too many times, the portal automatically deactivates user accounts after too many unsuccessful password attempts, making the user's account locked.

Follow these steps to locate and reactivate the user:

  1. Navigate to Admin β†’ People and click the 'All People' button.

  2. In the window that appears, change the response next to 'Activated' to 'No' and optionally use other filters (such as email address) to further narrow your search.

  3. Click the 'Filter' button to display a list of deactivated users matching your filter.

  4. If the user you're searching for appears in the list, tick the checkbox beside their name, click the 'Bulk Action' button and select 'Reactivate people'.

The user should now be able to log in again. If they are unsure of their password, they can use the 'Forgot your password?' link on the login page.

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