There's a difference between creating training and creating great training! Often that difference comes down to 'rushing' - trying to create the topic or article too quickly.

When you move too fast you can end up making one or more of these common mistakes.

  • Wrong assumptions. Be careful about what you assume your explorers already know. Consider if this topic is aimed at beginners or advanced explorers? Read the topic overview and create a topic suitable for the “Who” description.

  • Too brief. Explain your content in detail. Explorers are here to learn. Don’t create the shortest possible topic. Create a topic which clearly covers your knowledge and gives explorers something substantial to explore.

  • No media. If your topic is just text, it may be a little boring. Some topics just need text, but most topics will benefit from some media. Images, files and videos aid visual learners and can provide useful examples of your content.

  • No examples. On the same front, poor topics often just present the theory but offer no practical examples. Ideally, use some examples or case studies to show your content in a real life situation - or two, or three.

  • No checking. Use your peers to help review your topic. Get them to check your spelling and grammar. Ensure each fact is complete and you didn’t forget to finish a paragraph or upload a file.

  • Too fast. Your goal is to create a great topic. It’s not to complete this exercise as fast as possible. Don’t rush your way through it or try and do it in one sitting. Take some breaks and spread out the work over a week or two.

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