When you are creating your topic, Sage will ask you to select a 'structure' early in the Stage 1 process (like parts, rules or ideas). There are a variety of structures to choose from and you will be able to see the pros/cons and examples as you are making that decision. The structure you choose will...

  • Give a tone to your topic. You will find that you immediately start to discuss your topic in a different way, depending upon the structure you choose. The choice of a structure changes your phrasing, process and approach about how you describe your knowledge. It seems small, but it will actually significantly alter the way you share your knowledge.

  • Set a framework for explorers. The structure is also visible to explorers. Sage will label each of your big points based on your structure and those labels will help explorers understand how to approach the topic.

  • Help you write consistent titles and content. The way you describe your knowledge and summarise key points will also be altered by the choice of structure.

  • Change the feedback Sage gives you. Sage will also change the feedback you receive. The way Sage examines each structure is slightly different and the prompting you receive from Sage will be tailored to suit each structure.

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