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What's this 'Share an insight' button?

Insights are short ‘bites of expertise’ which highlight key points or expand on core content.

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Insights are short ‘bites of expertise’ which highlight key points or expand on core content. Here's an example of how they look. This is an FAQ insight, for example.

You will find insights through-out a topic from the topic creator. In some topics, however, explorers may also have the option to share an insight of their own - this helps gather collective wisdom from many people about the given topic.

Creating an insight

In some sections within some topics, you may find a 'Share an insight' button as you explore the topic.

This button allows explorers to contribute their ideas into the topic too! Clicking on that button will start the insight editor which looks as below. You will see that to create an insight you need to...

  • Type your insight. It must be between 50 and 450 characters.

  • Select an appropriate label which matches the insight you created.

  • Save the insight.

You can tell which insights are yours as they have an edit option on the top right, which you can use to edit your insight at any time.

Note that the ability to create insights in a topic or article requires a Creator subscription.

Tips for creating insights as an explorer

If you are exploring a topic and you feel you can contribute to it, then insights are you best way. You can use insights to...

  • Add new knowledge to the topic which hasn't been captured elsewhere

  • Add an example from your own experience which helps clarify the topic

  • Highlight common mistakes or key advice which other people would benefit from

  • Pose and answer a FAQ which people commonly have about this topic

  • Contribute new ideas and concepts into the topic

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