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How can I add captions to Narrations or Videos in our topics?

You can add captions to both Narrations and Videos in a Tribal Habits topic.
Written by David King
Updated 8 months ago

Adding captions to Narrations

Captions are automatically enabled on all Narrations. Explorers can see a Closed Caption (CC) icon to reveal the captions. The captions are simply the written script for each slide in your Narration. As the Narration progresses, the captions will change to show the appropriate script.

For Narration slides with uploaded audio, the captions will still show whatever is written in the script for that slide. We cannot automatically make captions from uploaded audio, so you may wish to add relevant captions to the script for that slide, even when using upload audio.

If you are using uploaded audio and do not provide a script, the captions will simply state that no script is available for that slide.

Adding captions to Videos

Our integrated video hosting servers can create captions for your uploaded videos and automatically make them available via a Closed Caption (CC) button. You will need to contact Support at Tribal Habits to request captions, with one of three options.

  • Provide your own captions. If you have captions for your video, you can provide them to us in standard SRT format. We will add them to your video.
  • Request computer generated captions. We can have computer generated captions created for any of your videos at a cost of $1 per minute. The captions are typically 80% accurate and ready in minutes.
  • Request human generated captions. We can have human generated captions created for any of your videos at a cost of $5 per minute. The captions are 99% accurate, but require about 4 business days to complete. 
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