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Does Tribal Habits support tablets or phones?

You can use Tribal Habits on mobile devices, including tablets and mobile phones, to complete training. Tablets can also be used to create or administer training.
Written by David King
Updated 8 months ago

A mobile device – table or phone – can access Tribal Habits via its browser. We do not currently have a dedicate mobile app.

We also support tablet devices (e.g. iPads) for topic exploration. Topic creation and platform admin also function well on tablet devices, although we recommend a desktop browser for those more complex creation activities.

We also support mobile devices (e.g. iPhones) in landscape (wide) viewing for topic exploration only. Mobile viewing in portrait (high) is not fully supported (the screen is too narrow to allow explorers to effectively engage with certain content elements). Mobile viewing for topic creation and platform admin is not supported.

Broadly speaking, explorers can engage with content from just about any device, while more complex tasks by topic creations and platform admins are possible on tablet devices but best on desktop browsers.

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